The Sheer & Human Experience ..

The pure & sheer human experience a narrow tightrope ..

Of blessings entwined & shrouded in fear ..

Wrapped within & out a prismatic escape failure ..

Mechanism meant to outlast the human body,

A less than lucid, unimaginative joy & thought policeĀ 

Existing only to warp, inhibit all unharnessed energy.

All that is potentially great within this life.

That they can never be, NEVER take away!

The universe greatest asset, human imagination ..

Directed in a positive light!


Prayer of Peace & Serenity ..

Therein lies a certain placid comfort in the place of ..

To not want. To be & have been content in Gods’ love ..

& that that is pleasing to God.

His everlasting love & merciful being shall ..

Carry the day, guide us here & into the Kingdom ..

Of His Almighty Father, in Heavenly glory.

All & without end, Amen.

Good evening & thank you for having me ..

To what do i owe this a pleasure? We will be covering a wide range of topics. Let us start with the very foundation that makes our Republic, The United States of America the finest nation in the world. That being the First Amendment, or Freedom Of Speech, as is usually referred to & often taken for granted & frequently violently assaulted as in modern turbulent ideological days. I shall hope to enlighten & engage, hopefully make a few friends & if nothing else, simply say my piece dependent on however interesting or not i am able &/or proven to be found. God bless you friends & know that truth is rarely found among whoever the powers to be willfully wish for you to see.